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Vacancy: Become A UN Paid Volunteer

UN Paid Volunteers are between 18 and 55 years old, and work with UN agencies on the front lines of political, developmental and humanitarian operations.

Who are UN Volunteers?
UN Volunteers are a separate category of UN Volunteers recently created in response to the United Nations Secretary-General’s call for greater engagement in volunteerism of history’s largest generation of people. UN Volunteers help the United Nations – one of the world’s most important intergovernmental organizations – to fulfill its mission. These volunteers are assigned to host United Nations agencies to work on the front-lines of political, developmental and humanitarian field operations. UN Volunteers are people aged 18 to 55 years who want to engage in development and peace initiatives worldwide.

What do UN Volunteers do?
As a UN Volunteer, you will help advance peace and sustainable development either in your own country or in another country around the globe. You will help people to lead healthier and safer lives and communities to be able to better address present and future challenges.

UN Volunteer positions are wide ranging; you may work in human rights, climate change adaptation, primary health care, disaster management, peace building, youth engagement or many other areas. You may work directly in a United Nations agency or be assigned to one of its partner organizations, a university or the government.

In return, you will be rewarded with an experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Your engagement as a UN Volunteer will be an opportunity to change the world for the better while simultaneously honing your own skills, gaining knowledge and a better understanding of the realities of international development and peace building.

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How long is the assignment?
Because UN Volunteers are sponsored by United Nations agencies, their partners, governments or academic institutions, the length of assignment depends on the requesting entity’s needs. Most UN Volunteer assignments are between six and 24 months. On occasion, national and international UN Youth Volunteer assignments are less than six months and then are referred to as ‘short-term’ assignments.

When UN Volunteers are sponsored by an academic institution, they are called UN University Volunteers. UN University Volunteers undertake shorter duration assignments – generally between three and six months.

UN Volunteers receive a basic living allowance that allows the volunteer to live healthily and safely in the assigned area. If you volunteer outside of your home area, return airfare or land transport (as applicable) and some other basic costs are paid by the host agency. You will receive orientation and training before and after your assignment.

Who qualifies as a UN Volunteer?
The UN Volunteer programme is looking for motivated and talented youth between the ages of 18 and 55. (Note: you must be younger than 55 throughout the duration of your service). The educational background and experience required varies by assignment, but generally both graduates and non-graduates are eligible to apply.

How To Apply:

  • All UN Volunteer assignments to volunteer abroad application is only online.
  • Use the Application link provided on this website to start your application free of charge.
  • Start your application online here.

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  1. ONASANYA Thomasia remi

    I will like to be a U. N VolunteerWorker in environmental or political assignments within or outside my country

    • I would like to join the UN volunteer because I am a Forestry student in Diploma level with full of technical skills about the overcoming of issuesd and the burning issues on this earth is global warming and climate change. That’s why I would like to join and share my ideas within you.



  2. I want working as human rights in remote area

  3. Namubiru Isabella

    I can’t see the link from where to apply

  4. There is no application link on this site. Please put the lonk

  5. Hi,
    I am from India, would like to work with backward people and climate change… I am 51yrs old. And work in the filed of Advertising.
    Thanking you,
    SAUMEN sur

  6. I would like to work in the field of peace building abd youth engagement but i couldn’t find the link.

  7. Hello accept warm greetings, how can I apply am a youth animator focusing on peace n security n climate change crusader in Cameroon.

  8. Hi! can you please help to get a link whereby i can be able to apply for this opportunity?

  9. I would like to be a UN volunteer worker in an area field that helps in environment development, climate change, helping & protecting humans rights within my country or overseas.

  10. Hi,
    I am 30 year old male from Bhutan and i am intrested to join UN volunter in humanatarian background especially intrested to work in the field of caring elderly people within the country or internationally

  11. I’m from Nepal. I would like to volunteer as an aid for disaster management. The people of our country still haven’t overcome the post effect of the earthquake of 2015 April 25.

  12. Moses Akoko Ariwi

    I would like to be a UN volunteer in any assigned area either within Kenya or anywhere in the world as assigned.Im akenyan national.


    I would be the happiest man in the world if i get a scholarship to continue my studies in computer analysis and programming and united states

  14. Hi .
    I am from Nepal .i would happy to work as voulenter as health worker .

    • Hello,
      I am from Myanmar and University teacher at Mandalay University. I would like to work as voulenteer in the developing countries relating subject is Water and soil pollution control.

      Myat Nwe

  15. Godfrey ahimbisiber

    Hello,am Godfrey from ugans sgraduate and wish to volunteer in climate sensitisation

  16. I am intrested as this volunteering will provide practical implementation of all the theories studied in Bachelor in arts of social work and rural development

  17. Hello Sir,
    Where is that link? I can’t see it.

  18. I want to work with* youth engagement * roles

    • Hi..I am from Bhutan.I would like to be a UN Volunteer worker in the field that helps in youth engagement and protecting human rights within my country or internationally.

  19. I want to work in the field of environment as a UN volunteet inside or outside of the country

  20. please how do i submit my application?

  21. Valentin Sfrejea

    I want to become a UN Paid Volunteer, to work in order to help advance peace and sustainable development,inside or outside of my country, around the world.

  22. Hi
    I amfrom from Ghana I would like to work with the human rights and am 28years old

    Thank you

  23. I’m not seeing a link for the application to become a UN Volunteer.. Assistance please

  24. I’m a victim of a human trafficking crisis in Laos southeast Asia and I’ll honestly Like to volunteer so as to help and put stop to human trafficking. I’m 19 year old from Liberia and base on my experience, I sincerely believe that there are many young people around the world in my situation whose live is miserable and dream had been broken by heartless traffickers

  25. Warefta -E-Murshed

    How can I apply for this position? I am Bangladeshi, studying in Bhutan.

  26. what is the deadline for this Vacancy?

  27. Hi,
    I am from fiji, I would like to be a UN volunteer to work with climate change issues affecting countries either my island nation or any other relatively affected outer nation.

    Kind Regards,

  28. I would like to apply for U.N. Paid Volunteer Work

  29. I am very interested to apply as a UN volunteer, though I am not able to see the link to the application form.

  30. Hello,

    I can’t seem to find the link on the page. I am interested in volunteering and would like to submit an application. Would you please send me the link or guide me on this page?

    Thank you,

  31. Hello,
    My name is John Karanja 25yrs old, i am a videographer and i am in a unique position to share stories that will impact or society positively by spreading hope, inspiration and sharing ideas that can build a better tomorrow. My unique talents and profession makes me a great fit in almost all sectors, such as primary health care, disaster management, youth engagement, peace building, climate change and so on. I am at the peak of my perfomance and i am also very flexible. i am also always open to leaning new things in all opportunities.
    best regards,
    John Karanja

  32. Hi, I would love to be part of UN volunteer.

  33. I would like to work in this field sir

  34. Hi,

    I am a 52 years old Algerian graduate teacher . I would

    like to be a UN volunteer .

    Thank you.

  35. Hi i am from fiji would love to some volunteer work in the health and disability sector

    • Hi,
      I m sonam sherpa from Nepal.I m very much intrested in serving the disable people,as I hv completed my bachelor in physiotherapy..I would be greatful if I got this opportunity as it is great platform fr me to serve the disable peoples..

  36. I am interest join this volunteering program as i have completed Bachelor of Public Health.

  37. Arbind chaudhary

    I am young enerģetic from Nepal. I have completed Bachelor Of publilc Health. I want to in involve in UN volunteer in the sector of Primary Health Care either in Nepal or outside Ñepàl.

  38. Pasang Lham Dorjee

    I am keen to be an international volunteer in sustainable development of education. I have an MA from Queensland University of Technology in Australia. I am 37 year old female from Bhutan. I had been teaching English in a a middle secondary school for the last 10 years.

  39. Tajwar Iqbal Toky

    I would love volunteer for UN.

  40. I am very interested to be a volunteer. I am in Papua New Guinea and would like to know how I can apply. Thank you.

    • Md. Iqbal Hossen

      I’m so much interested to work with UN as a volunteer. Already I’m working with some N.G.O. these are Population Services &Training Center (P.S.T.C.), Disable Development & Research Center(D.D.R.C.), United Theater for Social Action (UTSA)!
      I’m working about HIV, SRHR, Mental Health, & L.S.B.E.
      I want to change my society, country and the world!
      So if I can be a volunteer of UN, I think I can do more for people & the world.

  41. I would like to be UN volunteer in climate change adaptation and disaster management.

  42. I would like to be a UN Volunteer…

  43. Hello Namastee , I am interested to work in remote area as a UN volunteer.

  44. Tshering namgyal

    Great job

  45. Maria Riza Marquez

    i want to work as u.n volunteer.i had worked with u.n peacekeeping in east timor last 2012.

  46. Sailosi Qoro Tuivuya


    I am from Fiji and I loved to be a volunteer working on human rights and climate change.

    Thank you

  47. hello,
    i am pema zangmo residing in Bhutan and i am interested to volunteer in area pertaining to climate change

  48. Interested to be a volunteer. How can I apply?

  49. I am from Nepal and psychological counselor. My job is my passion and I want to be a UN volunteer because i want to share my experience with needy people and country.

  50. Anita Thapa Magar

    Hello, I am interested to be UN volunteer.

  51. Misodi ndedi scot

    I’m interested to work as a UN volunteer. I’m a senior nurse and Regional HIV andAIDS coordinator for littoral Douala Cameroon, working with the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon PCC

  52. binita Chaudhary

    with a warm respect dear,Sir/mam
    I would like to tx for the such opportunity giving us
    well iam unknown about the given works but iam heartily interested on it n I believe that I can do better on ur guidance interested on human right topics so I wish that I will get chance to b involved
    thank you
    Binita Chaudhary

  53. Hello,
    I am interested to be UN volunteer.

  54. I am a filipino i am interested in any position that i am qualified just to promote peace in around the globe..i am a physical therapist right now i am working here in saudi arabia…i have a certificate of cpr also and a member of philippine red cross..

  55. Prerita Joshi Pandeya

    I am Prerita Joshi Pandeya and is interested in volunteering and I am from Nepal.

  56. Hello
    I am Abbas Ali Shah. It will be my pleasure to work with you volunteerly in any field assigned by you. I am from pakistan

  57. Hi! I would love to be the part of UN volunteer family!

  58. Hi, I have over 15 years experience working with several international companies in Kenya and Middle East. I would love to volunteer in UN in any part of the world. I extensive experience in warehousing. Transportation, logistics, machine operator, data entry and IT. Kindly please consider me. Thanks

  59. Hello, i am from Mauritius. I would really like to be part of this volunteer platform. I cannot see any link though to apply online. Could someone please guide me?

  60. Namaste,
    I am Shikhar Dahal, 24 year old, from Nepal. I have completed my bachlor in Nutrition and Dietetics. I am eager to use my knowledge for the beneficiries of the root level people. So I am intrested to be a part of UN volunteer in the sector of primary health care or other eligible areas. I am always ready to learn new things in all opportunities.
    Thank you.

    Best regards,
    Shikhar Dahal

  61. Haykaz Nahapetyan

    Hello Dears,

    Please help me to find out application link to apply.

    Thanks in advance.

  62. I am gonna 60 by April 2019 and after retirement would love to be part of UN Volunteers family. Request to waive-off the age limit (less than 55 years). I have residency of Canada & Pakistan and will be available to offer my volunteer services in any part of the world.

    Kindly confirm so I can focus meanwhile on training required for volunteer job.

    I am an engineer by profession and project / construction management specialist by experience.


  63. Hello I am a young boy of 27 I love to do volunteer in morden agriculture sector .

  64. Philistin Magloire

    I want to work as volunteer.

  65. I want to work as a volunteer

  66. Please help me understand why all these scholarships are linked through the University Of South Wales.

  67. Hello and Namaskar,
    I m Shishir Dhital age 24 from Nepal. I want to become UN paid volunteer either inside my country or outside. Especially I want to work in the field of primary health care management or human right due to my educational background.

  68. Hi, my name is Jerry Airi and I am 20 years old from Papua New Guinea and I am interested to work as a UN volunteer assignment with the youth in my country.

    Thank you..

  69. Joffrey Alec Marcelle

    I wish to become a volunteer.

  70. I would like to work as a volunteer . Where can I apply?

  71. Hello ! I am from Nepal and completed my bachelor in social work and will be very lucky if I get opportunity to work as a volunteer in any field as required.

  72. Hi i am 27 yrs, i live in Trinidad and i would like to volunteer in children education and hunger crisis helping the starving and underprivileged.

  73. Hello
    I would like to be apart of UN . Because I am social worker student I would like to do volunteering in humanitarian field.I am 20 years old now.I think I can do it 🙂

  74. Am not seeing where to sign up

  75. Could you please share the online application link for the volunteer opportunity where i can easy sing up for volunteer thanks

  76. Tahirun Nesa Jisha

    This is a great initiative. would love to get involved.

    • Tahirun Nesa Jisha

      well, I had to go through other comments to find the application link. This was a nice surprising experience :p

  77. I want to become a UN volunteer.

  78. Hello! I do want to work as a Volunteer.

  79. Hello , my name is Rachele Coacy , I’m living in Port au prince Haiti, I would like To be a UN paid volunteer. Please send me an application so I can apply.
    Thanks in advance

  80. I want to work as paid volunteer .

  81. I’m interested …Can I request the link to apply as a volunteer

  82. Good night, I would really love to be a UN volunteer.

  83. Im bikram khatiwada from napal .I’m 29 years’ old .I’m interested in volunteer . Army & driver background .

  84. Good afternoon.
    I would like to be part of the UN Volunteer. I can be contacted through my email address for more information.



  85. Hlo , I am from kathmandu,Nepal , I would like to work for SRHR . I seek to learn doing volunteering .

    I am student of BPH last year .


  86. Bipana maiya sadadev

    Warm greetings from Nepal.I would love to be a part of UN as UN volunteer .I am a wildlife lover and want to contribute in that field within as well as outside the country. Better give yhe idea about how to apply for this.

  87. I am a registered pharmacist in Nepal. I am interested in UN volunteer under health sector hin or outside Nepal.


    I’m Mafabi Adrian Elisha.
    I’m Ugandan aged 24.
    I believe in a peaceful world and would be glad while promoting peace allover the world.

  89. I have been longing to be part of this great organization,and to be able to extend a helping hand to the needy

  90. Hello,I’m Emmanuel very interested by working in peacekeeping mission .Please send the link which could allow me to apply!Thank you.

  91. Am a graduate student major in forestry
    Really interested in climate change

  92. Brandy Rodriguez

    Hi my name is Brandy Rodriguez transgender woman I am an human rights defender of the Caribbean please follow up this application for any advocacy work around HIV AND AIDS Stigma and Discrimination and Human Rights

  93. charles chisengalumbwe

    can you please show me were the link is or send it to my email becous i cant see it on the page

  94. Namaste and hello,
    I am really interested to be UN volunteer.

  95. I would like to volunteer on UN. Any links would b helpful to apply.

  96. Dr. Chandra narayan yadav

    Hello i am intereste to work in health sector. . . . Thanku

  97. Vincent J Francis

    Muy interesante

  98. I also want to be UN volunteer inside or outside the country

  99. Am interested to work with people in primary health care

  100. Its me Ananta from Nepal willing to help in reconstruction programme. I have been with UN Volunteer since a year volunteering. Wishing forward to join as UNV

  101. Hi
    I want to be a volunteers

  102. Hi, I want to be a UN Volunteer.

    and how to get the application for being a UN Volunteer? Please reply it, because I need it so much.

    Thank You.

  103. Very much interested!

  104. I am Bharat Shrestha from Nepal; 22 years old. I am interested in development work. If eligible i request for application form.

  105. I am interested in UN volunteering pls let me know how to apply

  106. I am interested for UN Volunteer

  107. Pravin Singh yadav

    I am from Nepal and I wanna work here in Nepal as volunteer in rural areas of terrain region.

  108. Jahanzeb Ahmadzai

    I am Jahanzeb Ahmadzai from Afghanistan, I want to become UN volunteer and do work in area of Livelihood, Natural disaster, emergency response, refugees integration and settlement, Teaching and Training

  109. I also wanted to be a paid volunteer but what is process ???????

  110. I am an environmental health graduate and would love to be part of the volunteers

  111. Hi,
    I am Razuddin Rasikh from Afghanistan, I am Nurse worked with ICRC in Afghanistan as medical field officer would lit to work as volunteer Nurse with UN how to apply

  112. Hello I’m Sarita Devkota from Nepal . I am an engineering student. I am intrested in development works or others related to civil engineering in Nepal. How can I apply for it?

  113. I am an Architect from Bangladesh.Is there any vacancy for me in Bangladesh?

  114. Hi I am interested

  115. Jyoshtika Khadka

    I’m a Jyoshtika Khadka and Im student of social work 3 yrs so I would like to join as a volunteer please how to process,,

  116. Jhank kumar shrestha

    Dear Sir,

    I am from Nepal i am professional driver
    I like join UN for my attetud my aim.
    Have a good day
    God Bless UN

  117. Divya kumari tamang

    job apply

  118. I am BASW(Bachelor in arts of social work) student and my age is 21 years old.I have been worked in Siddhartha ladies JCI,Nepal for 3 year and 1 year in voice of fetus.
    I am intrested in this project from the bottom of my heart
    and hope you will send positive reply thank you.

  119. Dear sir/madam

    I have filled the candidate sign up profile. I encountered the problem when I was trying to submit it. It says that my email address has already been taken

  120. I want to volunteer but I am unable to create an account. Whichever ID i am using it says is already taken up in a red colored message

  121. I am interested in the UN Volunteer programs .

  122. I am interested to be the part of UN Volunteer .

  123. Me mysel asf an Environmental Science student believe to promote a sound health, fooding and a healthy environment. I have always carried this goal way before even joining a college for an Environment Science. And this volunteering programme will help me to sharpen my knowledge on being able to work in a team to full fill the common goal that we’ve set.

  124. I want to work in UN

  125. Hi want to be paid UN paid volunteers

  126. hello, there
    I have a keen interest in social work and I have already done bachelor in social work from Tribhuvan University in 2016, so I want to serve as a volunteer to get more relevant experience and as well as to aware the people who are in need of awareness. I feel, lucky enough if I got the opportunity to select as volunteer in this organization. thanks !

  127. Good Afternoon. I’m interested to be a UN Volunteer but when I clicked Volunteer application tab I got the UBER add. Can I get the direct link for the UN Volunteer.
    Thank you.

  128. Hi
    I am communication engineer and would like to work with UN team as I have experience in different field of social activities and cordially want to utilize my skills and abilities for affected people who need us to make them built and bring them light i their dark life.

  129. Hi! i would like to apply for the UN volunteer programme, how do i get the application to fill and send? i would appreciate if you could reply on this regard.

    Thank you,

  130. Am very interested involunteer jobs..

  131. I am a Cameroonian and i will love to volunteer with the UN. I have worked for several years in the humanitarian setting especially helping underprivileged women and children to get literate. This opened up a world of opportunities for them and it really inspired me.

  132. Johiril Islam Jony

    As a student of Linguistics, it will be convenience both of organisation and me because I know different languages……
    But my desire is to be part of UN by voluntary service….
    I am international Service Director of Rotaract Club of Metropolitan Chittagong..
    By Rotaracting,I gather lots of experience and I want to apply this sector….

  133. Bekuma Tola Galata

    I am Bekuma Tola Galata. I am a medical doctor and want work with UN. I am from Ethiopia. Thank you in advance.

  134. How can i apply where is the application form?

  135. Would you mind considering me on volunteer related to environmental science, climate change, water resource management, climate modelling, Energy.

    Looking forward for the positive response

  136. as a person who worked in Agricultural and community development section want to join as UN volunteer , wish receive a positive response accordingly

  137. i am also interested to be volunteer,in the field of disaster management, climate change,environmental as well as social issues..

  138. Aloysius Stanley Adrabo

    I am. interested, in Development work. At 56 years of Age, I would like to give back to society through service.

  139. i cant find the link

  140. I also Want to Join

  141. Kamogelo Salang Maziturira

    i am in Botswan a and i would like to be a volunteer please send me the link on my e mail address provided

  142. I would love to put in an application to be a UN Volunteer however, I do not see a link in order to do so. Looking forward to a positive response. Thank you.

  143. Dr Safdar Ali Abbasi

    hi i am Dr Safdar from Asia Pakistan.i want too be UN volunteer in primary healthcare.kindly ur link for application

  144. admin how to apply

  145. Hi sir im in pakistan and im also first aid trainer please send me link volunteer job

  146. Hello Admin I am from Nigeria and i am very interested in being a UN volunteer, please how do i apply as i have tried following the links you dropped but none is opening.

  147. I’m an IT consultant but I would like to volunteer

  148. I want to be UN volunteer but how can i apply? In the link there is no any idea and applicaton form in the link, or is there any other process to apply? Please inform details.Thank you

  149. Hullo i have joined the UN Volunteer and my Roster No is 698823 , i graduated in Bachelor or Records and Information Management. Very interested in Volunteering with the UN

  150. I would like to work in any field related to benefit and wellbeing of society in Nepal.

  151. Hello there ! I need to work as a volunteer in UN progromme… Since I belong to Developing country Nepal where I want to dedicate my work.Since, I am a doctor but I am bound to work in needy places because of such platforms. Please! if its possible help me out by giving opputunites to work under UN programmes.. thank you

  152. i would like to register but i could not find the application link .

  153. I have served UNAMID as Facilities Management Assistant IUNV and I am still available for any other assignment across the Globe. My roster no is 310105

  154. I also want to join .

  155. Greetings,I am Josiah TJ Loloma a former vice president for the National Youth Council of Fiji,would like to apply for the position as a UN volunteer in the area of peace building and youth engagement.Please do give me the full requirement or how to apply through my email address..I am 48 years old.

  156. I am Bangladeshy, I Join the UN Volunteer


    I am a writer , social activisit and humanist.I want to work for UN IN PAKISTAN.

  158. Hello, I am interested to work with UN.

  159. Dear Sir/Madam,

    Greeting of Peace!

    I am diligent individual with good academic credentials and have a strong desire to excel my career objective. I am seeking a position where my experience and academic would contribute towards achieving the goals of your esteemed organization. I have team spirit and can also work individually with minimum of supervision to meet the targets with good ability to work in under pressure situation.
    I reiterate my desire to work with UN Volunteers’ Organization in Peace Building department because I have been working on various projects i.e. Peace Education among school students, Value Education among school students, teachers and their Parents, study seminars for youth and women, Peace Ambassador Program, Conflict Management a tool to build peace etc. under the umbrella of Caritas Pakistan, Catholic Commission for Inter-religious Dialogues and Peace Center Lahore.
    Thanking you.

  160. Hi I am from Bhutan, would love to work as UN volunteer in any field related to well being of society.

  161. i,m from Nepal. I Would like to volunteer as an aid for disaster management. those people of our country still haven’t over come the post effect of the earthquake of 2015 2015 April 25th and flood of 2017 Jun.

  162. I want to join the UN volunteer. Please send me the application link.

  163. just call me to duty. I am ready to work volunteer.

  164. I want join as vountier

  165. Hi,I’m from Nepal and I am interested to work in UN volunteer.

  166. Hi, i would love to participate in th voluntary program

  167. Dear Sir/Madam

    Iam Krishna Mahara from Nepal. I have studied law and I also have the license of Advocate provided by Nepal Bar Council. I want to work as a UN volunteer in legal field. Can I get opportunity to work as a UN volunteer in legal field of UN ?

    Waiting for positive response from you. I have filled the aplication of UN paid volunteer.

    Thank YOU

  168. Admin
    After getting successfully intimation of e-mail verification I’m unable to logon my profile pls help me to resolve this issue

  169. shameema Akhter Shimul

    I am a registered UNV. My roster # 700032. I am intered to do the job.

  170. As a UN vilunteer ,The field I feel deeply passionate about is peace building and youth engagement.

  171. My love for humanity make me want to work with UN. I job placement will be a great experience.
    Thank tou

  172. Litan Chandra shil

    I’m interested
    I am Litan Chandra shil
    Can you help me
    I want work
    I’m from Bangladesh

  173. I want to be the UN Volunteer.I am a Rohingya student from Myanmar.I was passed matric exam in 2015 ,but I didn’t attend the University because the gorvernment of don’t allowed.
    I am in Bangladesh Balukhali camp now.I want to apply because I ‘m jobless.
    If you want my documents I am ready to give you,please.

  174. Laisani Senimatiavi

    I would like to be a UN volunteer

  175. Afeez omobowale Oluwakemi

    I am so much interested in being a UN volunteer as a pharmacist. Its an area I have developed passion for.
    Please how can I be considered?

  176. I am student . I am interested for a UN volunteer

  177. Its my fortune to serve world via UN.

  178. Kakar Hayat Hamandzai

    Respected Admin,
    I am Kakar Hayat Hamandzai from Pakistan i would like to join UN volunteer program but i could not find any registration link to apply. I am working as Global Youth Ambassador with A World at School and Education Youth Ambassador with Right to education pakistan. so i want to work and join the UN Youth Volunteer program to work for youth all around the world. so kindly guide and support me in this regard so that i may support and help some one in this world.

  179. Muhammad Babagana

    Am Muhammad Babagana from Nigeria. I wish to work as a volunteer with UN in the area of Primary Health Care Management.

  180. I am interest in UN posts.

  181. Syed Mudassir Shah

    i have completed BBA Honrs i want and its a great opportunity for me to work on UN,

  182. khadga bahadur poudel

    i am really interested in UN volunteer

  183. Joseph aime ayissi

    I also want to join.

  184. Bhuwan Prasad Wagle

    I highly like to work as UN paid volunteer in the field of human rights in Nepal. If you have some vacancy for such position in Nepal. Please inform me. thank you!!

  185. Okalebo Samuel Egolet

    This is such a wonderful opportunity especially for an individual who is so much passionate about changing the world for a better living!
    Is there an application process that involves filling out an application form? If yes, please avail one.
    Thank you


  187. male aged 25 hospitality industry snd social services amenities would be fine with me. A

  188. Hi

    I am passionate to work as UN Volunteer in Liberia and around africia , I am from the Republic of Liberia.

  189. i am a university graduate i want to be a volunteer

  190. EDIRIN Rowland Ewhrudjakpor

    I will like to be a IN volunteer in my country and outside my country

  191. Hey!

    I’m Azalea Johnson, a 23 year old university Chemistry student (in my final year), from Barbados. I too would like to be a UN volunteer. I would like to work in either climate change, primary healthcare, and/or peace keeping. I can speak Spanish and am learning Mandarin.

    I would be very grateful for the opportunity to work with you in any capacity.


  192. I am interested to be a volunteer, i would like to be of service to my people during my free time. I am a teacher by profession but i have ventured into my major which is the IT field and im working as the Operation Team Leader for a Time and Attendance management company. But would like to put my teaching skills to good use.

    • I would like to volunteer for Social Work under disaster management. I’m having honours degree I social work and also studied disaster management. I would like to improve my social work standard and helping those in need .

  193. I am 52 years old with college graduate background from Darjeeling, India currently living in Nepal for the past three months. I am very interested in being a Volunteer with UN. thanks

  194. Im interested

  195. Im jeyanthan. Rasalingam …
    I want to be a volunteer


    I am passionate to work as volunteer with any organization of such please can you give a link on how to apply ?

  197. Hello I’m Jone I’m 20 years of age
    From Fiji and I’m very much interested to join this team of volunteers

  198. Hello Admin, am Patience from Nigeria, am interested in becoming UN Volunteer in and outside my country, please kindly send the application link to enable me register…thanks.

  199. Hi Admin am Sanusi Am really passionate about working as a UN volunteer. Am from Nigeria, I would love to work in fields related to grassroot governance and Development or any other available fields assigned to me anywhere. Kindly send me the link to register…. Thanks

  200. Non-graduate,I wish to volunteer,within Kenya and outside,have been to Uganda and i currently work in a university (administrative services,

  201. I am MA Degree Holder and have over 8 years experience in financial administration are. and I want to be part of volunteer worker

  202. hello
    i am cyril , a firstaid trainer, i want to be a UN Paid volunteer…

  203. Mohammad Younus tajani


    I am interested in UN Volunteer

  204. Hi I am Mozambique Customs officer, I am also independent consultant on Policy Development, I hold MBA certificate on customs management and I am enrolled in PhD of Border management, I would like to apply as UN volunteer.

  205. Marilyn Colleen Pauu

    Hello, I am from Fiji Island and i am interested to join this team of volunteers.

    Thank You.

  206. Hello; I’m from Liberia, 21 years old. Has a certificate in peace and conflict resolutions and a student reading biology as major with emphasis in chemistry. I want to volunteer for the UN in all ways possible.

  207. Any position on U.N. thanks

  208. Dear Admin,I am very passionate about the U.N. and its role it plays in the lives of humanity.I am 42 years old and would very much whole-heartedly wish to be a part of this dynamic and blessed organisation.I would love to be a volunteer wherever the need be,here locally in my country GUYANA or overseas.I am a youth group leader and I’m also a community-based counsellor….Please do send me a copy of the application link as soon as possible…thanking you in anticipation for your kind consideration, my regards..thank you.

  209. I am graduate of Public health currently working on tropical diseases, I want to be UN Volunteer

  210. Iam called Stella , aged 29year also interested with UN paid volunteer.am Nurse by professional.

  211. Nyabol Teresa William

    Am interested to work for peace.

  212. Ugochukwu Chimeziri

    i will want to work in the area of global warming and environment . I am in Lagos Nigeria

  213. bonjour je veins dalgerie jadore le benevolat

  214. IFUNANYA Irene
    Am very much interested to be part of UN Volunteer within Nigeria, I will like to work in area pertaining youth engagement and primary health care.

  215. interested

  216. Hello, how come when I follow the application link I don’t see the registration form? I am a Ugandan teacher and I am interested in the volunteer opportunity. Please help me join. Thanks.

  217. Hi
    I am Interested in UN Volunteer
    I am work at Enterprise Devlopement Facilatator
    In undp medep Programme

  218. Bouaphane Sengphachanh

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I like to work as volunteer for Lao PDR for rural and remote area in helping people.

    Best regards


  219. Hi
    I am Interested in UN Volunteer

  220. Bouaphane Sengphachanh

    Dear Sir,

    I am interested to work as volunteer for UN based in my country in Lao at the sector community development or helping people in the rural and reomote area.

    Best regards


  221. Dear UN,
    Warmest greeting from Siem Reap-Cambodia

    I saw you announcement that you’re looking for UN volunteer on facebook and I am really interested on it.
    For my experience I don’t have to much but I want to learn new things and want practice what I have learned at university. In the present day, I am studying at Build Bright University in Siem Reap campus in the first semester in years 4 of faculty of Business Administration. Because I am a honest person, patient, punctual, responsible, hard working and especially my subject is related with you are looking for.

    Sir/Madam I am sure that with my knowledge and some experience I hope you will find more information details about me and I believe that you will consider on me and give the opportunity to working with your team.

    If you have any question, please you don’t hesitate to ask me.
    I’m looking forward to hear from you as soon as possible.

    King regards,
    Rong Yun (Mr.)

  222. Andrea Marcela Gomez Romero

    Hi, I am interested in UN volunteer, but nationally. I´m form Honduras, a small country in Central America, which have a lot a of social and economic problems. I would like to help my country please.

  223. Hi,
    I am a healthworker and engaged in health movement in Nepal.I want to work here as a volunteer in field such as disaster management ,senior citizens health conditions ,healthcare waste management etc

  224. Hello! I am Sultan/ I want to be part of volunteer woker

  225. Dear Sir/Madam
    I am Rashen Barua, I am so interested in UN Volunteer.

  226. i speak well french and english i’m interesrted in UN volunteer

  227. i am interesting in humanitarian rehabilitation, peace conveyance pls sir or ma

  228. I will love to be part of this wonderful programme.

  229. Emmanuel SK. James

    I write to express my interest as a volunteer person that was conceived through the social network. I am Emmanuel SK. James from Liberia, I hold a Bachelor of science degree(BSc) in Natural Resource Management with emphasis in Agriculture Education Extension (AEE), Cuttington University, 2016.
    Besides, I have worked with others NGOs in my country. Furthermore, I believed a whole lot can be achieved if I am given this opportunity. More besides, I want to use this opportunity to share the experiences, skills and knowledge I have acquired over the years. I have developed a long time passion of working with your organization during my education sojourn and mostly with others country. My acceptance will enable me to achieve this over time dream of mine.

  230. iam from zimbambwe and interested in issues of climate change the link is not near my fingertips can someone help please

  231. i am interested in the UN volunteer

  232. i an interesd

  233. i am interested in un volunteer i am female qualification is high school level (matric) .

  234. I worked for UN in Malaysia but couldn’t continue, because there was no visa provided for all the foreigners working Voluntarily as a Fund Raiser for Children in Malaysia, and for Alleppo, recently and homeless children in Malaysia, I am fine with any position available, scholarship or anything to include me impactful to the less privilege, count on me.(luckykeanmapic@yahoo.com)

  235. Hi I am an 18 years old girl from Zimbabwe. I am very passionate about helping but haven’t gotten the opportunity to do so as I’ve been in high school I however finish my A level this year and would like to volunteer in any way that I can .id be really grateful if you can afford me the opportunity to make a difference

  236. Hi I am an 18 years old girl from Zimbabwe. I am very passionate about helping but haven’t gotten the opportunity to do so as I’ve been in high school I however finish my A level this year and would like to volunteer in any way that I can .id be really grateful if you can afford me the opportunity to make a difference . i dont have much experience though as Ive finished high school this year .I am a hard worker and quick learner

  237. Apolinario Pinto Guterres

    I have sign up to apply for a volunteer position.
    It asked me to fill up “Myprofile” at https://vmam.un.org/

    When I log in, it says “320 you don’t have permission to access to this page”.

    What should I do ?

  238. I wish to work as a volunteer. Am from Uganda.

  239. William O'Neill Rozario

    I am a 21 year old Malawian man with a diploma in community development from the university of Malawi the polytechnic
    I wrote to express my interest in the job. I have worked before with the innovation Hub under UNICEF on the effects of Malawian products on trade
    Will be waiting to hear from you at your earliest convenience

  240. I want to be a UN volunteer. I am from Bagladesh.

  241. I am interested in the UN voluntee.

  242. i want to be a part of UN volunteer. i am from Bangladesh , studying accounting and information systems in a recognized university . i would love to work on any assignment given by u. i am working as a volunteer for unprivileged street children .

  243. amrendra kumar singh

    i am intrested in un vollunteer i am male my age 41 year and i have fully experience

  244. Hi. I will like to b a volunteer. I am doing a masters in conflict management and peace studies. I know I’ll b relevant in the organization

  245. I’m very interested in climate change activities.

  246. HI, accept my warm greeting. I am Obaid ur Rahman from Afghanistan, I am interested to work as a volunteer in primary health care. I did my bachelor degree in dental technology.

  247. Hi.farmanullah form Afghanistan i love withe UN and i want to joine me plase.

  248. Hi.Iam farmanullah form Afghinstan i love withe UN. I wante to work and join withe UN please helpe me.

  249. I am interested to be a part of UN.
    I am a PhD fellow in the Department of Agricultural Extension Education, Bangladesh Agricultural University.
    Besides, I have been working in Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation as Senior Assistant Director since 2007. If I get the opportunity to work with UN I believe that I can utilize my knowledge, skill and experience for achieving UN goal.

  250. I am very interested in the vacant post.

  251. i will like to join .

  252. Thilini Weerasekara

    Hello,I like to Join a UN Volunteer.Now I am working At drug prevention field in sri lanka.and i hope to part of UN Volunteer.Thank you.

  253. I am a interested in Gender and Developmental issues

  254. hello Sir/Mam

    I am from Nepal . I am doing volunteer as a female community health volunteer since 15 years for sopport government health programme . I want to join UN volunteer . What is theprocess ?

  255. Hello Sir/Mam

    I am Babi Thapa from Nepal . I am doing volunteer since 15 years till now as a female community health volunteer . I want to join UN volunteer . How can i apply for it ?

    Thank you .

  256. Kuber bahadur khadka

    I am ntersted in this job

  257. I am interested I hold a Bachelor of Technology, I would like to be a part of this volunteer mission

  258. Abdul Mateen Sherzai


  259. Hi, I am 18 years old from Nepal.
    I want to be UN volunteer . Could you please send me the link ?
    Thank you .

  260. Please how can I submit my application

    Pelase, help me because I am intereses.

  261. I am an interested candidate i volunteering with UN,i need to get further procedure on what to be done so as to accomplish my desire of working under UN activities for saving lives of people for better social development.

  262. I am applying for the UN vacant position because I have basic needs. I want to contribute my share to build the world. I have bachelor in English and Education. I want to serve the UN by doing its activities successfully.
    I am ready and able to accomplish the given tasks at certain time. I want my world to develop economically and socially especially my country.no matter the vacant location it is.

  263. i’m interested to work with you as volonteer paid…
    Please contact me at +243 990923969

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